Inspirational Speaker

“I want to enable people to see themselves having more,
dreaming bigger, doing everything
it takes to achieve success
and alter their lives
for the better.”

Darnell routinely appears before audiences of thousands of people at conferences, universities, and events around the country, telling his own story of how he has grown from a mall worker to a multi-millionaire.

By sharing his own testimony, Darnell breaks cycles of generational poverty by helping others to embrace the mindset and habits necessary to create abundance and wealth.

He has appeared on several television networks and has been the keynote speaker at several business conferences. Darnell was featured on a business overview DVD that has sold 7 million copies across the country.

It is evident that he has the ability to help unleash untapped potential in the lives of those who he trains and mentors. What drives him the most are individuals that are experiencing impactful and positive growth.

To book Darnell for your next event or for media inquiries, please email us at or call 701-484-3303.

“I appreciate it when people share with me how much they enjoyed my training or speech, but what I am really after is the moment they discover that they have the power to change their life.”  ~Darnell Self

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