Family Man

“You Can Build a Successful Business and Still Be Present and Effective as a Husband and Father”

Malik’s Sweet 16 at the Redskins Stadium

Surprise for Traci – Howard Hewitt at their anniversary

Darnell lives in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, with his wife, Traci, and their four children. The two met at a clothing store and the rest has literally been history.

Together they have mastered the roles necessary to change the course of their lives and the lives of those that they have had the privilege to encounter and lead.  Darnell remains motivated by his personal mantra; “Faith, Family, Finance.”

With this mantra, he keeps the main thing as his focus without ever losing sight of what is important. The motivation to help others provide for their families is a direct reflection of how he feels about his own family.

His relationship with his wife Traci and his children demonstrate his intentional efforts to be the husband and father that they need and can be proud of. His heartfelt desire to assist those who desire a better life for their families is evident in his day to day operation across the United States.

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