As a philanthropist, Darnell has co-founded a non-profit organization, Fertile Ground, Inc. with his best friend Mike Humes. Fertile Ground Inc., allowed Darnell to spend his time and resources assisting the Haiti relief effort, which provided clothing and food to thousands of people living in poverty in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Fertile Ground, Inc., also donated hundreds of backpacks to students in an effort to support them as they began their school year as well as donating Christmas gifts to children attending Elementary Schools in the Washington, DC area. Families were also selected, based on the need for additional support during the Christmas Holiday, providing food and meeting their additional needs for the holiday season.

Relief Around the World

Fertile Ground, Inc. financially supported the construction of an all-girls orphanage in Guatemala in collaboration with The Work Play Love Foundation and The Orphan’s Hope Project. The organization was also able to support mission trips to Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. Understanding the plight of those in need, Darnell also feeds the homeless with his family among countless other deeds, believing that we can all make a difference.

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