Darnell Self, the Principal and Founder of Team NuVision, and CEO of Self Defined, Inc., has earned millions of dollars as an entrepreneur in direct sales since he started with LegalShield in 1998. He has produced a team of 300,000 associates that span 47 states and several provinces in Canada, responsible for earning hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Darnell has cultivated a culture within his industry that has been studied, taught, and implemented by entrepreneurs around the world.

Blazing the trail, he is the first African American to earn a 7 figure income with LegalShield. He is a wealth mentor to thousands of thriving entrepreneurs and is often asked to share his expertise with business students on several university platforms. Despite his many personal achievements and accomplishments, Darnell is most celebrated for the number of people he has helped. Darnell’s leadership has been recognized by the National Black Chamber of Commerce, to the extent that he was honored with the National Entrepreneur of the Year award twice.

More notably, that recognition was not solely because of the income he has earned but because of the vast number of lives and families that he has helped to transform. The system Darnell implemented and taught has produced 22 millionaires during his tenure with LegalShield. Before he reached the age of 40, Darnell helped 40 people to earn annual six-figure incomes, changing the lives and legacies of thousands of families across the United States.

As a result of his personal commitment to helping other people achieve personal and financial success, Darnell and his wife have earned over eight-figures in their tenure with LegalShield which has allowed them the humble opportunity to invest in Real Estate, support their ministry endeavors and engage in other business ventures.

With over a decade of experience in corporate leadership beginning with the LegalShield Executive Advisory Board, Darnell has the expertise necessary to develop and empower entrepreneurs beyond their current scope of leadership, consult existing companies and launch businesses utilizing a profit-driven and people rewarded strategy. He currently serves as the direct advisor to the Chief Executive Officer of LegalShield.

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