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Darnell Self, the Principal and Founder of Team NuVision, and CEO of Self Defined, Inc., has earned millions of dollars as an entrepreneur in direct sales since he started with LegalShield in 1998. He has produced a team of 300,000 associates that span 47 states and several provinces in Canada.


As a philanthropist, Darnell has co-founded a non-profit organization, Fertile Ground, Inc. with his best friend Mike Humes, which allowed Darnell to spend his time and resources assisting the Haiti relief effort, which provided clothing and food to thousands of people.

Inspirational Speaker

Darnell routinely appears before audiences of thousands of people at conferences, universities, and events around the country, telling his own story of how he has grown from a mall worker to a multi-millionaire. Darnell breaks cycles of generational poverty by helping others.


Mr. Self has personally earned millions of dollars as an entrepreneur; however, he is mostly celebrated for the amount of people he’s helped. In just over a decade, the system implemented by Darnell Self has produced 21 millionaires.

Darnell Self knows the formula that leads to success in business and in life and he is willing to share it with others.  He has a personal mission of setting people free from the mindset of poverty to one of abundance in their thoughts and actual finances.


TNV 71 Rings Yacht Party

Team NuVision’s 1st Ring Earner Getaway. TNV celebrates the success of 71 people who earned the prestigious 50K to 1M dollar ring from all walks of life including lawyers, stay-at-home moms, engineers, secretaries, law enforcement, accounting, education, business owners, military, and the list goes on!

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